Rohan at the Louvre Book Cover Rohan at the Louvre
Hirohiko Araki
Seinen, Supernatural
Nbm Publishing
April 1, 2012
Joe Johnson

Rohan Kishibe from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure goes on a journey to the Louvre to find the darkest, most evil painting stored in the famous art museum’s archives.

We open up with a question: Have you seen the blackest color in all the world? (well actually, maybe) For Rohan, who deals with ink on a daily basis as a manga artist, it is an intriguing idea that helps him fly to France to see this mysterious painting.

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Finally some of the stuff that I’ve lettered a few months ago has been released. Luckily, the first title provided layered files for chapter 1, which I’m eternally grateful for! The other ones were mostly subtitled SFX which I’m also grateful for… hopefully the rest of the titles that I’ve worked on gets released soon.

I’m actually going to be taking a break from lettering for a short while but I’ll be back!

Yuri Wall by Setaseta

Yuri Wall by SetasetaOriginal name: Yuri Kabe (ゆりかべ) by Setaseta

A cute series where someone is reincarnated as a wall in an apartment where they can observe yuri relationships up close! It’s actually super hilarious and yes, I originally was hooked with the kabedon cover.

“As an outsider, I want to silently protect and watch over the love between women…,” said a Yuri fanatic that got hit by a car and reincarnated as a wall in a certain apartment! And for some reason, the residents of the apartment room are always two girls in yuri relationship… Let’s support these cute and heartwarming couples together with the passionate wall in “Yuri Wall”!

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