My Work: 2018 Q4 Manga Releases

Finally some of the stuff that I’ve lettered a few months ago has been released. Luckily, the first title provided layered files for chapter 1, which I’m eternally grateful for! The other ones were mostly subtitled SFX which I’m also grateful for… hopefully the rest of the titles that I’ve worked on gets released soon.

I’m actually going to be taking a break from lettering for a short while but I’ll be back!

Yuri Wall by Setaseta

Yuri Wall by SetasetaOriginal name: Yuri Kabe (ゆりかべ) by Setaseta

A cute series where someone is reincarnated as a wall in an apartment where they can observe yuri relationships up close! It’s actually super hilarious and yes, I originally was hooked with the kabedon cover.

“As an outsider, I want to silently protect and watch over the love between women…,” said a Yuri fanatic that got hit by a car and reincarnated as a wall in a certain apartment! And for some reason, the residents of the apartment room are always two girls in yuri relationship… Let’s support these cute and heartwarming couples together with the passionate wall in “Yuri Wall”!

Read it on / more info @ MangaUpdates

Scent of Spring by Tsutomu

Scent of Spring by TsutomuOriginal name: Haru no Nioi (春のニオイ) by Tsutomu

My first title for Juné (Digital Manga Publishing)! I did it under the pseudonym Krystal Kay (hopefully you get the reference lol).

— I’ve fallen in love with a person that reminds me of a blooming flower in Spring —

He comes to my store to buy flowers on the same day every month.
Should I build up the courage to talk to him?
or would it be weird if I suddenly started talking to him…
The flowers in their hearts begin to bloom as the gentle, Spring breeze guides their hands.
A “Tsutomu Anthology”, filled with stories sweet as nectar!

Check out the volume on Juné webshop! More info @ MangaUpdates

Show Courage by Noda Matsumoto

Show Courage by Noda MatsumotoOriginal name: Yuuki wo Dashite (勇気をだして) by Noda Matsumoto

Another release by June that I worked on a few months ago. It was originally released on Renta!, but we had the chance to redo it & now you can own it forever as a pdf or ebook file!

— A love story that binds hearts together —
Will a fated encounter with a mysterious cat that calls itself a “demon”, change my relationship with Natsuno-san?!
What will I do now that I’ve acquired the power to control anyone I like to do whatever I desire?

Check out the volume on Juné webshop! More info @ MangaUpdates

Please Make Me Your Pet! by Hachi Mitsumura

Please Make Me Your Pet!Original name: Onegai! Watashi wo Petto ni Shitekudasai! (お願い!私をペットにしてください!) by Hachi Mitsumura

A smut manga one-shot that I did via Digital Manga’s partnership with Medibang, it got a lowkey release on their webshop in mid October 2018. I did it under a pseudonym though, it feels more embarrassing than yaoi for some reason! The creator has released other stuff via Renta! in the past if you’re interested in their other works. It’s technically categorized as Teen Love in Japan, but that genre never really came over so it’s “josei”…

Check out the volume on eManga webshop! More info @ MangaUpdates

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