Fly Me to the Moon Vol. 1 Review

Will this series by the Hayate the Combat Butler creator capture my heart at first sight like the protagonist and his future wife?

Honestly, I picked this up on a whim to review since it’s a new manga from the creator of Hayate the Combat Butler and a Weekly Shonen Sunday series. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed in a simple romcom in the awkwardness of young married life. I felt like it was super funny that they included a marriage form inside of the manga and how easy it was for them to get married in Japan. What I didn’t like was the emptiness surrounding the devotional feelings that Nasa (protagonist) felt for his manic pixie dream girl Tsukasa, who saves his life while he was traveling in a snow storm to a high school exam. He becomes obsessed with the thought of her and eagerly agrees to a marriage when they meet again. I would say he’s a “simp” for his new wife, and also very naive to what married life entails. Nasa is fairly bland as a character and Tsukasa is too mysterious for the setup in the 1st volume for me to consider reading more.

One random thing is that they go shopping at Don Quixote knockoff and the Mawaru Penguindrum penguins replace the penguin😂 There’s apparently a lot of inside jokes if you have a lot of knowledge of recent anime and manga series.


The art is fairly clean with decent backgrounds. However, I didn’t feel a connect to the art style personally, and that’s coming from someone who read Mob Psycho 100, notorious for having really rough art.


I’m sure fans of the creator will surely enjoy this manga, but for a newcomer, I’ve seen better romcom setups in We Never Learn, which has better general appeal along with more characters to interact with story-wise. This manga seems very average and not really worth picking up, although at least we know from the beginning that the guy does get the girl.

Thank you to Viz and Netgalley for giving me a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Fly Me to the Moon, Vol. 1 Book Cover Fly Me to the Moon, Vol. 1
Kenjiro Hata
Shonen, comedy, slice of life, drama, romance
September 8, 2020
John Werry
Shaenon K. Garrity
Evan Waldinger

First comes marriage, then comes an earthbound love that is out of this world! From the day his parents named him, Nasa Yuzaki has been destined for outer spaceā€¦or so he believes. But while trying to join the space program, he is thrown for a loop when an accident introduces him to Tsukasa, a mysterious girl with strange powers. Is she an alien, a moon goddess or something else? Since she insists on marrying him, Nasa has plenty of chances to find out!

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