Simulpub Manga List – List of All Current Simulpubs

Have you ever wanted to support the manga industry, but hate the wait between the Japanese and English release date? Check out the details about this list of manga simulpubs collected by @kpossibles below!

Hi guys, I ended up making a list of simulpub manga after getting the idea in my head after someone on /r/manga posted a list of simulpub releases for the week of February 5th. I figured that it wouldn’t be that hard since I was using a tumblr page theme that I’ll just edit the data!

The publisher list includes Viz, Kodansha, Yen Press, Crunchyroll, Mangabox, and more. It’s automatically sorted by last release date and I will be manually updating it every few days (RIP not being advanced enough to make it automatic). Feel free to comment if I missed any series!

Now it’s live!

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Notes available at

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